State Farm Tinkering With Its Pay-As-You-Drive Program

State Farm, as well as several other insurance companies, has introduced its version of the pay-as-you-drive program called Drive Safe & Save. It is normally monitored through your OnStar program, but the insurance giant is looking for ways to make it available to a wider variety of customers.

The company does not want to get into specifics about their potential avenues because of the competitiveness of the industry in general. Other companies use a device that plugs into the diagnostic port below the dash of your car. Currently, there is an app for the iPhone that will measure certain parameters of your trip and gives a score. State Farm does not receive the data, but it can give drivers an idea of how they can improve their driving skills.

Going forward, State Farm will be introducing an entirely new version of the Drive Safe & Save program. Just what form it will take has not been entirely decided yet.

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