Insurance Verification System Made Into Law In Alabama

After signing a recent bill into law, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has made insurance verification a part of registering a vehicle. A database will be set up soon and it will become impossible to register a vehicle without being able to prove insurance coverage.

The end game of the law is to lower the number of uninsured motorists in Alabama.  According to the Insurance Research Council, an estimated 20% of the motorists in Alabama were uninsured in 2009, the last year that final results were available for. Only five states had a higher percentage of uninsured drivers.

The electronic verification system is slated to be in working order by 2013. The final system must be approved by a voting council of 13 government and insurance industry representatives. The real fact that must be faced by most state residents is finding affordable car insurance in Alabama. It may be time for many people to suck it up and buy the insurance that they should have been paying for all along.

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