How You Affect Your Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use a set of criteria to determine how much each of us must pay for insurance premiums. Some of the factors are the same for everyone, but there are a few ”personal criteria” that you can use to lower your monthly obligation.

  • Driving profile…this includes total miles driven each year, tickets, accidents, and other claims.
  • Car you drive…the basis of this is the estimated repair bill for an average accident for that car.
  • YOU…your age, sex (sorry guys, you cost more to cover), marital status, where you live, and occupation.
  • Coverage levels…no explanation needed here.
  • Credit score…a low credit score is seen as more of a risk, that doesn’t mean its fair or true, it just is.

All of these are factors that you can control. By managing each of these responsibly, you can lower your monthly premiums when you get a car insurance quote, while still having the coverage levels that you need.

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