Same Sex Auto Insurance Discounts: Esurance

As the gay marriage debate rages around the country, Illinois quietly passed the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act according many rights to same-sex relationships that married couples already enjoy. Esurance is the first company to offer discounts to same sex customers based on the legislation.

Illinois is not the first state where Esurance has offered discounted insurance to same sex couples. The company has been active in support and involvement in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.  ”Esurance is firmly committed to recognizing and supporting diversity for its customers, and offering these savings to Illinois consumers is another measure of those commitments,” said Gary Tolman, Esurance President and Chief Executive Officer. ”That commitment applies to our work environment as well, where we strive to attract and retain people who reflect our diverse customer base.”

Esurance is on the leading edge of recognizing the equality of same sex couples. Hopefully, the company will continue its efforts into the indefinite future.

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