Auto Insurance And Towing – Covered?

No one wants to get that call, the one where your teen can’t get the car started or they have hit something. After you make sure everyone is fine, how are you going to get the car to a shop? Call a tow truck, of course. Easy enough, right? Until you get the bill. Most towing companies want paid before they tow anything. That is, unless your car insurance includes towing.

In their youth, many people try to minimize their insurance payments. A natural response to low pay and rent due, but it is not the best way to save cash. Unless you car is nearly worthless, you need to make sure your insurance covers roadside assistance. A simple tow can cost over $100. That is a $100 you may not have in your pocket at the time of the tow. This type of assistance adds up to $15 per car to your insurance bill each year. Compare that to running out of gas and having the coverage to get someone to bring it to you at 3 a.m.

Roadside assistance/towing is a necessary add on to every insurance policy. Even if you never use it, the peace of mind that it provides is worth the tiny cost.  Policy doesn’t cover towing?  Get a car insurance quote online to find a policy that does.

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