Women Park Better Than Men?

…in the UK, at least…

According to a month-long study done by the United Kingdom parking lot company National Car Parks, British babes are better parkers than are British blokes.

Using a tool it calls the “parking coefficient,” NCP secretly measured the techniques, accuracy, speed and ability to find a parking spot of 2,500 drivers. Out of a scale of one to 20, the women achieved a parking coefficient of 13.4 and the men more than one full point lower at 12.3.

Women tended to be better at keeping to speed limits, while the men were apt to miss open parking spots due to driving too fast. The study failed to determine what, if any, role a woman’s naturally lower center of gravity has on their parking prowess.

Jo Cooper, NCP’s female chief executive, said in a press release, “Parking is our business, so we carried out the research to see how well people park their cars. As an interesting by-product of the research, we’ve also found out that there’s a difference in parking skills between the sexes, although perhaps not the way most people expected.”

Theoretically, this could enable women to get car insurance quotes at more affordable rates.  However, remember that in the UK and EU a 2011 ruling prohibits the use of gender in setting auto insurance costs.

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