The Real Costs Of A Traffic Ticket

We all have been on the wrong end of those flashing lights atop a police car. It feels like it takes forever for an officer to write a ticket, then when you find out how much the violation is going to cost you, the feeling in the pit of your stomach gets worse. Unfortunately, those tickets cost more than their basic face value. The most common additional cost is in insurance rate hikes. Here is how much a few of the most common tickets can raise your insurance premiums..

  • Reckless driving: 22 percent
  • Driving while under the influence: first offense: 19 percent
  • Driving without a license or permit: 18 percent
  • Speeding 1 to 14 m.p.h. over limit: 11 percent
  • Speeding 15 to 29 m.p.h. over limit: 12 percent
  • Speeding 30 m.p.h. over the limit: 15 percent
  • Failure to stop: 15 percent
  • No car insurance: 6 percent
  • Seat-belt infractions: 3 percent

We often forget that a single infraction can raise our insurance rates. When the percentages are in front of you, does it seem like breaking the traffic laws is really worth getting to your destination a few minutes faster?  And don’t forget this:  higher insurance rates will result in a less advantageous debt-to-income ratio, which could, in turn, making harder to get approved for an auto loan at a rate you can afford. 

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