Do Not Neglect Your U/UIM Coverage!

U/UIM is not a term most insured drivers are familiar with, but it should be on every policy sold. Maybe you are more familiar with the words uninsured/under insured motorist insurance (U/UIM). If you are not familiar with this insurance, you need to ask your agent.

Uninsured and under insured motorist insurance can protect you from irresponsible drivers whether you are in your car or not. Sadly, not every motorist bothers to pay for car insurance, even in states where coverage is mandatory. One accident can devastate your family’s life savings, but, by carrying U/UIM, you can be protected in most circumstances.

Cutting U/UIM insurance is often seen as a way to lower monthly insurance premiums. In reality, the costs of the coverage is negligible and the benefits can be life changing. Ask your agent or apply online for a car insurance quote (our site makes it easy!) that includes U/UIM and protect yourself fully, today. 

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