Distracted Driving A Bigger Problem Than Thought

Have you ever had a few choice words for the guy that swerved out of his lane or cut you off, then got around them just to see them on their cell phone or fiddling with the CD player? You are not alone. It has happened to everyone who has ever driven. According to recent findings, nearly 20% of the drivers on the road are probably doing something other than keeping an eye on the road ahead of them.

The car insurance giant State Farm recently polled approximately 1,000 drivers to assess how often they drive distracted. 19% of the drivers admitted to accessing the internet on their smart phones while driving. The company plans to conduct a more extensive study in the new future because they think the problem is more widespread. Their reasoning is that teens and young adults are tied to their phones more and are more apt to become bored while driving and seek distractions. Tragically, these are the least experienced drivers on the road and more apt to be involved in accidents, even without distractions.

Studies have shown that drunk drivers have the same reflex time as distracted drivers. DUI is a crime, so why isn’t it illegal to drive while texting, playing a game, or checking out a new app. It is pretty clear that drivers will not police themselves. Does someone have to die to get you to put your phone down?

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