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Insurance Rates For Hybrids: Lower?

What A Hybrid Will Do To Your Insurance Premiums The biggest sales point for hybrid vehicles is the fuel savings they offer. The savings are there, but fuel is often the least expensive aspect of owning a car. Few people think about how a hybrid will affect the most expensive cost of owning a car:…Continue Reading

Allstate Abandoning Homeowners In North Carolina

Homeowners in North Carolina who have their homeowners insurance through Allstate have begun getting letters in the mail notifying them that they may soon lose their coverage, if they do not buy their auto insurance from the company, also. The letters from Allstate give homeowners until December 15th to switch their auto policies. The company…Continue Reading

Auto Theft Declines According To NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) tracks the theft of passenger vehicles each year. The data has been fully compiled for 2009, the last year that data is available for. According to the figures, 2009 saw a 21.3% decline in auto thefts. Toyota Camry enjoyed the title of being the most stolen car, with 781…Continue Reading

New Report: Policyholders Much Happier When Vehicle is Repairable, Not Totaled

According to J.D. Power and Associates, insurance claimants who are involved in a total loss claim are far less satisfied than those involved in a repairable claim. An average of 42 points less satisfied when J.D’s scale was applied. The main issue was a lack of satisfaction with the cash settlement for total loss claims.…Continue Reading

American Mileage Down But Premiums Higher

What? Haven’t insurance companies always told us that driving less would lower our premiums? According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), companies raised their rates an average of 10% between 2008 and 2010, and are planning to raise them another 4% in 2011. So, why the rate hikes? Insurance representatives point to the rising costs…Continue Reading

Group Wants Voters To Decide If Credit Scores Should Set Insurance Rates

Insurance companies have been using credit scores as part of their formula for setting insurance premiums for some time now. Many claim that the practice unfairly targets lower credit scores, which are typically connected to poor clients, making premiums even more unaffordable for the poor. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents has decided to let…Continue Reading