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Best And Worst Cities In US For Auto Accidents

Allstate insurance looked at several factors when compiling a list of the cities where drivers are the most and least likely to be involved in an accident. Here are a few of the safest and least safe cities for auto accidents. Safest Fort Collins, Colorado Boise, Idaho Lincoln, Nebraska Most Dangerous Washington D.C. Baltimore, Maryland…Continue Reading

Insurance Database Not Working In Texas

Image via Wikipedia Three years ago, the Texas legislature, in all of its wisdom, thought that the best way to combat the growing number of uninsured motorists in the state was to develop a database. The database keeps track of people who prove that they have insurance when they register their vehicle or have an…Continue Reading

Insurance Regulators Around The Country Recover Millions For Policy holders

Image via Wikipedia The insurance industry is constantly writing checks. Some are to fraudsters and others are for legitimate claims. Sometimes it is difficult to know who should have the money they are claiming and who shouldn’t, so mistakes are made. Sometimes those mistakes can not be rectified without the help of the insurance regulators…Continue Reading

Onboard Insurance Telematics Expanding

Progressive brought onboard telematics to the nation’s attention with its Snapshot discount. All you have to do is let the company plug a recorder/transmitter into your vehicle’s diagnostic port  and let the savings begin. Other companies began to follow by offering their own pay-as-you-drive discounts. There are at least 13 major insurance providers who offer…Continue Reading

Same Sex Auto Insurance Discounts: Esurance

As the gay marriage debate rages around the country, Illinois quietly passed the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act according many rights to same-sex relationships that married couples already enjoy. Esurance is the first company to offer discounts to same sex customers based on the legislation. Illinois is not the first state where Esurance…Continue Reading

Can Insurance Pricing Help The Environment?

Image via Wikipedia Car insurance is priced in a manner that allows you to drive as much as you want without regard to your premium. You pay a set price, get in your car, and drive to your heart’s content. Some environmental groups and think-tank wizards believe that encourages excessive driving and is environmentally irresponsible.…Continue Reading