New Hampshire Car Insurance Quotes (NH)

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Auto Insurance Requirements in New Hampshire

If you drive a car in New Hampshire, you are not required to purchase an auto insurance policy.

We should have a look at the insurance laws in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has laws mandating the minimum level of liability coverage you will have to maintain. Typically, you might find these liability coverages displayed as 3 dollar figures, like $25,000/$50,000/$25,000.

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The initial two figures are bare minimum coverage limits for personal injuries liability. The initial one is for just one person in the accident, the second for all individuals together. The final number represents maximum liability for property damage.

New Hampshire: No-Fault Insurance State?

New Hampshire is not a no fault insurance state. Under no-fault auto insurance laws, your policy must pay medical bills for you and your vehicle’s occupants, regardless of who caused the collision. No fault car insurance laws reduce insurance fraud.

New Hampshire UM/UIM Laws

In New Hampshire, uninsured motorist insurance is required. Uninsured motorist insurance, also known as UM/UIM coverage, pays for costs resulting from a hit-and-run or an accident with an uninsured driver. At Get a Car Insurance Quote Online, we suggest that you get uninsured motorist protection, whether it’s required in your state or not. Why? Because almost three out of every 20 American drivers do not have an auto insurance plan.